• The Principal is a strong and effective leader who has skilfully steered the Academy’s development and is ensuring both teaching and achievement improve. Senior leaders, including governors, share the Principal’s ambition and drive.
  • Teaching has improved rapidly since the Academy opened. It is usually good and sometimes outstanding.
  • Standards are rising. Students make good progress across all year groups and in most subjects, including English and Mathematics.
  • Students feel safe and behave well. Students of all ages show respect and consideration, and their good attitudes to learning contribute positively to their progress and achievement.
  • The Sixth Form is good. Sixth form students achieve well, and are very well prepared for the next stage of education and adult life.
  • A significant proportion of students successfully win places at top universities.
  • Teaching has strengthened, term by term, since the Academy opened...
  • ...effective teaching was seen throughout the Academy, in different ability groups and across a range of different subjects.
  • Teaching in the Sixth Form is particularly strong because teachers use their subject expertise to present challenging work to extend students’ learning.
  • Teachers have high expectations. They nurture positive attitudes and good work habits so that students are ambitious and take pride in their work, and lessons proceed without interruption.
  • Ambitious targets are the norm:
  • Behaviour is good. Students adhere to the Academy’s high expectations and behave very well in lessons, at break periods and when moving around the large site.
  • The students’ positive attitudes to learning are an important factor in their good achievement. In lessons, there is a palpable trust between adults and students, and between students themselves, so that students feel confident expressing their opinions and asking questions.
  • Students develop personal qualities that prepare them well for the next stage of their education and adult life

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