Cyclists Letter

Cyclists at Queensbury

You will recall that I wrote to you recently about a number of complaints that had been received about those students who cycle to and from school. The concerns covered a range of issues such as cycling on the pavement without due regard for pedestrians; pulling out without looking from junctions, in front of other vehicles and into the centre of the road; doing “wheelies” and being abusive to members of the public who remonstrated with them.

Despite a specific assembly on safe cycling, my earlier letter to parents and patrols by both Queensbury staff and the local police in which individual students have been stopped and spoken to, we continue to have a number of complaints every week from members of the public about Queensbury students cycling dangerously. Since my previous letter, we have had one student fall into the road in front of a car after doing a “wheelie” and another student who hit the wing mirror of a car. We are extremely concerned that, if students do not take heed of the message to cycle safely, it will only be a matter of time before a serious accident occurs.

Therefore I am writing to you to inform you that, if students do not ensure that they ride to and from school in a way that ensures both their own safety and that of other road users and pedestrians, no student will be allowed to cycle to and from school in the future.

We are well aware that some students live a distance from school and that being able to cycle to school makes their journey significantly quicker. We are also mindful of the healthy exercise that cycling provides. However, the possible consequences of the types of dangerous cycling that are being reported to us several times each week outweigh these benefits.

To that end, if your child does cycle to school, I would be grateful if you would reinforce to them the need for safe cycling and the consequences that the Academy will put in place if students do not cycle safely in the future.

Yours faithfully


Mrs S Roberts

Vice Principal