Queensbury Academy is committed to providing a curriculum experience for every student that enables them not only to make progress in their learning and achieve high academic standards but also to enjoy learning for its own sake and to develop the skills and understanding to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. The curriculum is suited to the needs of our students in a way that challenges and motivates them. Students have a wide range of choices so they are able to experience a broad range of subjects but also they can specialise in those they have an interest in.

The curriculum in years 7 and 8 focuses on giving students a broad range of experiences that help develop the skills needed for learning at Key Stage 4, in particular literacy and numeracy. The aim is to establish a love of learning at Queensbury for a range of subjects to help with their option choices at the end of year 8.

Students at Queensbury have three years to complete Key Stage 4 where they spend the extra time in addition to the guided learning hours of a course to further develop the necessary subject specific and study skills so they are GCSE ready but also to deepen their passion for the subject. Students all take English Language and Literature, Mathematics and Science. Most take Combined Science worth two GCSEs whilst some take Triple Science.  In addition to this, they all follow core Physical Education and Life Skills programmes to develop their understanding of personal, social, health and economic issues which will help them be prepared for the rest of their life. As part of this they will also have many opportunities to receive careers guidance including engagement with employers that will give them the aspirations needed to be successful.

Students have three subject options to choose from in addition to the core offer which includes GCSEs but also some BTEC, Technical Awards and VCERT qualifications to help personalise the curriculum experience and give more opportunities for success.

The curriculum experience we can offer in the sixth form is very strong as we are in collaboration with Manshead School. This means that there are a greater range of subjects that can be offered due to students from both institutions being able to make classes viable for some less popular subjects which some smaller schools would not be able to do.

In tutor time we have a SEAL programme (Social and Emotional aspects of Learning). This helps develop the whole child to make them more resilient in school but also later in life.

The extra-curricular experience is very wider ranging and exciting. All subjects offer an experience outside of lesson time that is often focused on our house competitions that create a great deal of excitement in the Academy.

This curriculum provision means that students can make good progress through the Academy but also beyond it as students find it helps them get on to their chosen University course, College place or apprenticeship that in turn puts them on the successful career path they have been aspiring to follow.

For further information, please access the KS3 curriculum information evening, Key Stage 4 Curriculum booklets in the information menu on the website. For further information about 6th from please access this in the separate 6th form menu on the website.


Mark Little

Senior Vice Principal




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