Pastoral System

Pastoral System

Queensbury Academy has a strong pastoral care system.  Students are placed in Vertical Tutor groups, which aim to replicate a family environment, and are under the care and guidance of their tutor, and their Head of House.  Students who need additional support during their time in the Academy may also have contact with a variety of Inclusion staff that are trained and well experienced in working with students to help them make the best possible progress.  The first point of contact for families who wish to contact the Academy about any pastoral issue should be the tutor and they will either support or seek advice from the staff in the Academy as necessary.

The House System

Each tutor group is assigned to one of our four newly renamed Houses and is overseen by a Head of House who take overall responsibility for both pastoral care and academic progress. Our students have recently been involved in the process of choosing the names of the House which came under the heading of Inspirational Britons and as such the Houses are named Ennis, Hawking, Sugar and Rowling.  Students have the opportunity to take part in a variety of events connected with their House which include sporting events, social development opportunities and curriculum projects.

Student Leadership

Queensbury Academy has recently introduced a variety of student leadership opportunities to develop the skills and experience of students. Students may apply to become House, Sports or Community Prefect or may be chosen by curriculum areas to be prefects within a subject – promoting the subject in the Academy and providing opportunities for peer support with academic work.  Each tutor group also has a tutor representative to act as a link between the tutor group and the tutor, as well as helping to organises the tutor room, noticeboards and other events.  It is our aim that the student leadership team will help develop our pastoral care, provide new ideas and help enhance the experience all students receive at Queensbury.

Student Voice

Our Student Voice programme aims to involve the students in the development of the Academy. Each tutor group chooses a representative to meet with their Head of House on regular basis.  At this time the views of the students may be sought on particular issues which can be determined by either the Academy staff or the students themselves.  Representatives from each House then form an Academy Student Voice team.  This team meets termly with a designated member of staff and may also attend Academy Leadership Team meeting to discuss issues further. Recent discussions have evaluated the move to our Vertical Tutor groups, the school meal service and looked at the reward system in the Academy.


Queensbury Academy is strongly committed to ensuring the safety of our students at all times and follows the local inter-agency procedures of Bedfordshire Local Safeguarding Children’s Board. The Academy has a statutory duty to promote and safeguard the welfare of children, and recognises its legal and moral duty to promote the well-being of children, protect them from harm, and respond to child abuse. In most cases where we feel a child may be at risk, the parents/carers will be informed of our concerns and work will be undertaken to support the student which may also involve referrals to outside agencies.