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Support for GCSE Literacy Class

Posted on: 5th October 2016

David Marples, an English teacher and a published writer about football, ran an English workshop on 23rd June. The workshop was for 18 boys in year 11, and to make it more interesting and relevant the learning revolved around football. This made it easier for the boys to concentrate and get involved, yet it still closely worked on the writing techniques needed for the English GCSE paper.

Throughout the day we analysed extracts from football literature, watched short videos, and took part in quizzes. Despite the fact that it was a very long and tiring day, it was enjoyable. We all felt that it would help us with our mock exam and gave us a deeper understanding of how to be successful in our GCSEs.

David Marples is a very good teacher and he made it interesting and engaging for the boys.      

James Chin (Year 11)

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