Queensbury Academy changes to IT Systems

Announcement - Jul 2020

Queensbury Academy changes to IT Systems


Anthem Trust has a requirement for ALL schools to adopt a common branding and uniform method of identification which has resulted in Queensbury needing to change the way you log into our computer systems.

This is advanced information to help you prepare. You will receive further information on the date of change as soon as we have everything set up and in place.

This information is to help you remember how to log into devices belonging to the Academy and the changes to both email and Office 365.

Remember, Usernames are NOT case sensitive, but Passwords are.

Demonstration name for both Staff & Students is: -

Name: User Example

D.O.B. 19/12/1998

Staff usernames for Academy devices will follow this format: -

[First] Character + Surname

i.e. UExample

Student usernames for Academy devices will follow this format: -

[Intake Year] + [First] Character + Surname

i.e. 18UExample

For emails and 365 access all users will follow the same format: -

[UserName] +

i.e. Staff = whilst Students =

Everybody will have the same format for their default password which has been set to: -

Queensbury + [6 Char. DOB] with only last two of the year and no symbols or spaces.

i.e Queensbury191298

We have made this decision to set up passwords this way, so everybody can log onto the new system without the need to be in school to change their password when logging on. This is the most secure way we can ensure everybody can log in securely and not need us to send out passwords individually.