• All students in Years 9-11 study Philosophy and Ethics which allows them to consider and discuss life’s ‘big’ questions. This is also offered as an A Level course which has good take up.

  • PSHEE sessions explore healthy lifestyles. Students are encouraged to reflect on the effect decisions can have on themselves and other people in a variety of areas

  • Religious diversity is explored in PSHEE, RE, Art, History and Music lessons

  • Pupils have opportunities to reflecting on their learning experiences both in and out of lessons. For example, team talks following sports matches to reflect on how the game was played and agree the next steps and  reflective logs are used where students assess what they have done well and identify the next steps to make progress

  • In Science lessons, students study various topics that contribute to their perspective on life

  • In English and Drama students consider portrayals of life through different characters which leads to a deeper understanding of personal feelings and values

  • Students are able to reflect on the idea of truth in Maths and also consider the concept of infinity