Policies and Reports

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Policies Date  
Academy Behaviour Policy 04th Oct 2022 Download
Academy Communication with Parents and Carers Protocol 18th Nov 2020 Download
Accessibility Plan 2021-2023 10th Mar 2022 Download
Admissions Appeals Form 05th Dec 2022 Download
Admissions Policy 2022 2023 14th Oct 2021 Download
Admissions Policy 2023 2024 22nd Feb 2022 Download
Anthem Complaints Policy 21st Oct 2021 Download
Anti Bulling Policy 2021-23 20th Jan 2022 Download
Attendance and Punctuality Policy 18th May 2022 Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 20th Sep 2022 Download
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 04th Oct 2022 Download
Code of Conduct for Parents Carers and Visitors 20th Sep 2022 Download
Concerns and Complaints Policy 2021 12th Mar 2021 Download
Data Protection Policy 18th Mar 2022 Download
E-Safety Policy Feb 2021 12th Apr 2021 Download
Exclusions Policy 21st Oct 2022 Download
First Aid Policy 2021-23 19th Jan 2022 Download
Freedom of Information Policy 15th Nov 2022 Download
Gender Pay Report 2018-19 18th Feb 2020 Download
Gender Pay Report 2019-20 18th Feb 2020 Download
Gender Pay Report 2020-21 18th Mar 2021 Download
Health and Safety Policy 2022 20th Sep 2022 Download
IT Acceptable Use Agreement 2020-21 19th Oct 2020 Download
Mobile Devices Policy 29th Nov 2022 Download
Online Safety Policy for Students and Parents 20th Jan 2021 Download
Policy Statement on Recruitment of Ex-Offenders 19th Apr 2022 Download
Provider Access Policy 2021-23 31st May 2022 Download
Public Sector Equality Duty Information 2021-22 01st Sep 2022 Download
Reduced Timetable Guidance 2021 30th Sep 2021 Download
Registration of Pupils Policy 19th Apr 2022 Download
Relationships and Sex Education Policy 2022 27th Sep 2022 Download
SEN Policy 09th Nov 2022 Download
SEN Report 2021 -22 15th Nov 2022 Download
Social Media Policy 2022 29th Nov 2022 Download
Special Educational Needs Policy 21-23 12th Oct 2021 Download
Student Remote Education Agreement 20th Jan 2021 Download
Transgender Policy 2022 29th Nov 2022 Download
Whistle Blowing Policy 31st May 2022 Download