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I am proud to share with you the first phase of our school-wide transformation project. We have been working with our trust, Anthem, and Cobalt's project management team to develop a five-year plan to update and improve the academy.

We are writing a new chapter in Queensbury Academy's history by revamping our facilities and branding in order to strengthen our vision of creating an ambitious, sustainable, and successful school for all.

The West Block refurbishment is now underway. This is only the beginning of our journey to revitalise Queensbury Academy, and as we enter the 2022/23 academic year, I am excited to work on the next phase of the project.

Helen Palmer


Impact to learning

The impact on the school and the ability to physically complete this work in a live environment within the time constraints are the most difficult aspects of this project.

One of our top priorities is that the construction work is completed as soon as possible while causing as little disruption to both students and teachers. The impact on the school, students and other stakeholders will be assessed throughout the project. Classes will be temporarily relocated to an adjacent classroom where possible, whilst the refurbishments take place.

The ultimate goal of the project is, of course, to improve the school's facilities, design, and layout. We have made certain that adequate time has been set aside for each phase of the project. If possible, major work will be completed during the summer, subject to the proposed timelines.

The school and our contractors are working closely together to manage and minimise disruptions such as noise, increased traffic, access points, services, and utilities.

To download the latest Refurbishment Booklet, please click on the ‘Refurbishment Additional Information’ tab. This page will be updated regularly with each phase of the project.