Years 7-8 

At Key Stage 3, pupils develop their Geographical skills in a range of areas including inquiry, map work and processing information about place. We cover a range of topics of both human and physical Geography.  We will be learning about many different environments and events around the world, from the varied terrain of Russia to conflicts around the world and many of the world's natural hazards.  Students will learn how and why geographical features are formed and the impacts they have on the lives of people living near them.  We use a range of situations in many different countries to make sense of these issues, looking at places such as China, India and the UK. 


Fieldwork is used throughout their years at Queensbury to enable students to learn about many of these environments and issues in the places they are occurring.  


Years 9 - 11 

In Years 9 to 11 students study GCSE (Edexcel A). The GCSE course is examined at the end of Year 11 with three exams- one physical, one human and one Geographical investigations (replacing coursework). The course includes learning fieldwork techniques through two compulsory fieldtrips into urban and coastal areas. Locations can vary year on year but previous visits include Bedford and Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex. We study a range of human and physical topics including UK landscapes, Glaciation, Coasts, Weather and Climate and Global development, Changing cities and energy and resource management. 


Sixth form 

In the Sixth form, students study A Level Geography (Edexcel). This is a two year course where students study a range of human and physical topics including tectonics, coasts, globalisation, superpower geography, energy security and water conflicts. We also take a residential trip to Nettlecoombe in Somerset allow students the opportunity to research and undertake their independent investigations (similar to coursework) which count as 20% of their overall A level grade.