Government & Politics

Sixth Form (only) 

Politics is truly the ‘master science’. It is both a humanities subject because it deals with people but also a science in that it deals with logic and discernible patterns of behaviour. Politics is about power and is present in all our lives. Politics affects us all, and a study of Politics at A level will not only get a student a highly respected and useful qualification accepted by all universities including Oxford and Cambridge but will fundamentally challenge the students view of life, Great Britain and our place in the world. To paraphrase Leon Trotsky- “You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you! “ 

In Year 12, students will improve their knowledge of British politics. There are essentially 4 areas to the new Yr12 course; some key questions might be 

  • Government and Politics- this covers areas such as; The British constitution; does it even exist? The powers of the PM, excessive or inadequate? parliament in need of Reform? devolution a good or bad thing? Should England have its own parliament? 
  • People and Politics- this covers areas such as; Is First past the post out of date? Is UKIP a political party or a pressure group? 
  • Core political Ideas- what are the liberal, socialist and Conservative traditions in British Politics what do they stand for; Has the Labour party moved too far to the Left? What is One Nation Toryism? Is Liberalism incompatible with democracy? 
  • Political concept (Nationalism)-What are the different types of Nationalism? Who are the great nationalist thinkers? Does loyalty to the state trump all? 

In Year 13 A2 students learn about the wider world, and we essentially study international relations and such concepts such as power, international governance, the decline (or not) of the nation state, globalisation and regionalism (EU) among others. 


Exam structure- each unit is 1/3rd of the total marks each unit is marked out of 84 

- Component 1- 2 hr written exam covering; Political participation and Core political ideas 

- Component 2-2 hr written exam covering; UK government and Non- core Political ideas 

- Component 3- 2hr written exam on Global Politics