Year 7-8 KS3 

The department aims to give a broad and balanced curriculum focusing on the key skills required to pass GCSE and to develop an interest in History. This Key Stage is accompanied by a joint year 8 and 7 trip to Mountfitchett Norman castle and the Imperial War museum.  At the end of year 8 a GCSE style exam is sat to help transition to GCSE in year 9. Our main topics include some of the following; 

  • Key events and people from 1066- ; The invasion of England 1066 up to and including the medieval period; the battle of Hastings, Medieval life, Magna Cata, The Crusades, The Tudors Henry VIII, the gunpowder plot, The English Civil war and Oliver Cromwell, and the Great Fire of London are some examples.
  • Britain’s expansion and acquisition of empire; the Industrial Revolution, the British empire, the slave trade,
  • Life in Victorian Britain including social change, housing, and working conditions, medical advancements and heroes of Public Health and Victorian Law and order are some examples
  • Focus on the Twentieth Century World; Medicine and improvements in Public Health, different types of politics; communism and fascism as well as democracy, World War I and II including the holocaust and the atom bomb. Students do a popular interactive,  library based Homefront project.


Years 9-11 GCSE History AQA 8145CA 


Students undertake four separate unit exams in GCSE History (AQA) each of 55mins duration. Each unit is worth 25% of the final grade and all are examined in two papers, with two units for each paper. Each paper is 1hr 45 mins long with a mixture of question types 

·         - American Consolidation and Expansion c.1845 – c.1895 

·         - The Cold war 1945-1972 Paper 1 

·         - Medicine and Treatment Paper 2 

·         - The Normans paper 2 


Sixth Form AQA A level 7041/7042 


In Year 12 and 13 students study a linear course in three examined units,  

·         - Component 1L The Quest for Political stability; Germany 1870-1991 

·         - Component 2E The English Revolution 1625-1660 

·         - Component NEA Russia 1854-1954, Historical Investigation personal study