• The cultural environment of the school is a safe and supportive one that is created so that students may thrive

  • Student successes are celebrated in as many ways as possible; achievement assemblies, success phone calls and certificates all help to show students how they are valued as individuals.

  • Displays celebrate cultural diversity and value both academic and extra-curricular achievements throughout the school.

  • Technology, Art and Music lessons develop wider cultural awareness though projects that have connection with our past heritage and also the influences of other cultures on design and manufacture

  • History, Geography and RE all consider the lives and cultures of different times and peoples and develop understanding of differences and similarities within communities

  • Our links with TAFO School in Ghana allow students to consider the life of students who live there. The school has had a TAFO day where students experienced the activities that would be common place in a Ghanaian school and learnt more about the culture through art, music and visitors who came to speak on the day

  • A Mock Bar competition gave a group of students the opportunity to debate against other schools (both state and public).

  • Trips offered to students across the school include concerts, theatre and museum trips, outdoor activities and geography field trips, as well as residential trips for sports teams, GCSE PE and language students.

  • All tutor groups took part in a Remembrance Day activity where they reflected on the effects of the World Wars and the sacrifices made by others

  • The ‘Queensbury’s got Talent’ evening allowed students to present activities from their own cultures including dancing and music

  • Assemblies on Malala have highlighted the different cultural traditions relating to the education of girls