Extra Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are a real strength of Queensbury Academy. Enrichment activities range from clubs at lunch time and after school, to weekend and holiday activities, plus a number of residential trips.


Throughout the academic year, many departments contribute to our programme ensuring we offer an extensive range of activities to engage all. Students are consulted regularly on opportunities they would like to be made available within school.


There is a wide range of sporting opportunities available for all students, from individual to team sports, which provide broad and balanced opportunities for students of all aptitudes and abilities, to participate in promoting a positive, healthy lifestyle through participation and competition.


There are also opportunities for all with a popular art, music and drama timetable which encourages the creative skills of our students. Evidence of this can be seen in the annual production which provides students with the opportunity to showcase their skills.

Enrichment will commence Monday 13th September, Performing Arts clubs will commence 20th September


Breakfast service - we will begin offering a breakfast service from Monday 27th September. Children can attend the East canteen from 8.00- 8.30am. Breakfast can be purchased from the canteen and children will go to the playground at 8.30am to join their year groups. 

Enrichment programme Autumn



Breakfast service - East canteen 8.00 - 8.30am daily, all year groups. Please enter via the East doors. 

Enrichment opportunities 3pm-4pm unless specified


All years Programming club W24 AMQ All years

All years Geology club W44 SH All years

Yr 7 and 9 Boys football Boys changing rooms GJ/DN

All years Girls netball Girls changing rooms CT/GD

KS4/5 Dissection club E84 AW

All Years Media Club Week B W93 NF

All years Drama- learn how to act NW1/ SB 3.15-4.15pm

Music - learn and instrument E20/GP 3.10-4PM

GCSE/ Music Tech cath up AJ 3.10- 4pm


All years German club E57 LME

All years French club E56 TS

All Years Queensbury Green Fingers Week A Science block FF 3.15-4.15pm

All years Queensbury Stemgineers Week B Science block FF 3.15-4.15pm

All years LGBTQ+ Champions Week A E61 EW

All years Building website club W24 AMQ

KS4 Book club Week B Library KH/LU

Year 8 Boys football Boys changing rooms BD

All years Table tennis West Gym MG

School production and rehearsals E20 AJ 

All Years Maths club W53 ANB

KS3 History club W48 DAC

KS3 Creative writing club Week B E68 JB

All years Film club Week B W93 NF

GCSE classes- dance intervention NW1/SB 3.15- 4.15pm

Jazz Band E20/GP 3.10- 4pm

GCSE/ Music Tech cath up AJ 3.10- 4pm


KS3 Book club Week A Lunch Time Library KH/LU

Songwriting /Band E20 LW

KS3 Drama NW1 SHB


All years Astronomy club Week B Science block NW

All years Building computers club W24 AMQ

All years Environment club Week A W44 TL/JQ

All years Debate club E67 DM

All years Girls football  Fitness suite changing rooms MG

All years Girls fitness club fitness suite HS

Yr 7 Ukulele club 8am East Hall DM

Yr8 Ukulele club East Hall DM

Yr 7 Choir 3-3.45pm E20 AJ

Senior Choir 3.45-4.30pm E20 AJ

KS3 Art Club W90 MH

KS3 Science club Years  E84

KS3 Technology Homework club W70

All years Chess Club NM Library

GCSE classes- Dance intervention- NW1/SB 3.15- 4.10pm

All year groups MIxed choir E20/GP 3.10 -4pm

Ukelele Club E23/DM 3.10- 4pm


KS3 Dance NW1 AMJ

All Years Game design and building club W24 AMQ

All years Film club (Lunch time) W44 SH

All years Boys and Girls rugby Week B fitness suite changing rooms DN

Music Ensemble E20 AJ

All year groups Dance- learn the best moves NW1/SB 3.15-4.15pm

All year groups Rock Band- E20/AJ/GP 3.10- 4pm