Summer School

Summer School 2021

Queensbury academy received £15,240.69 in order to run the summer school in 2021. This funding was reimbursement for the costs of running the summer school for the year 7 September 2021 intake. The summer school took place in August 2021. 

Queensbury Academy 'Summer School' funding was used for a variety of activities. The idea behind all the different activities we offered was to unite the new cohort and allow them to get to know one another. Pupils came together from over 20 different Primary schools. It also allowed the pupils to experience Queensbury English and Maths lessons.

In the afternoons we ran sessions based on team building, arts and crafts and on one afternoon we took the pupils to the local Zoo. In terms of team building activities, we ran lessons which allowed pupils to problem solve, communicate and interact with one another. Tasks such as the human knot were completed, dropping an egg from the 1st floor window and trying to protect the egg. They had to complete tasks to gain resources to protect their egg. They also competed in some summer sports such as rounders. 

In arts and crafts, they were given the task of designing their own mugs using different patterns and printing techniques. Once they'd completed these pupils took their mugs home to keep. 

The Whipsnade Zoo visit provided a chance for pupils to see and learn about wild animals they may not have seen before. The day also allowed the pupils to further communicate with one another and develop friendships. 

During the week, the Academy provided all pupils with the equipment needed to be a part of our 'Summer School', stationary was provided for them and their entrance to the Zoo was funded by the scheme.