Careers Support


A good understanding of Careers is vital to help motivate students and help them prepare for life both post 16 and 18.

At The Queensbury Academy we help students focus on their longer term ambitions by providing and range of support and opportunities. At Queensbury Academy we provide a comprehensive careers programme that includes all students. Students are supported with work related learning, options choices, exposed to labour market information and have the opportunity to experience the work place first hand. All students at Queensbury will receive a Careers meeting with a trained external professional and be aware of all post 16 and 18 options. Students in the 6th form will have the opportunity to visit Higher Education facilities and understand how to apply for higher level apprenticeships.

To ensure our careers programme is effective we annually evaluate the impact of the programme using outside agencies and independent audits. The low number of students that do not move onto the Level 3 study is an indication of the effectiveness of our programme. When reviewing the programme, we assess the ever-changing global job market and tailor our programme to meet the needs of an ever-changing society.

We are keen to provide all our students with the skills and qualities to be successful when in employment. Developing employability skills are important and we are pleased to announce that we are supported by the National Citizen Service, 4YP and a range of local employers.

Parents have an important role to play with supporting their children and we will provide monthly information on how to do this and the opportunities in the work place. We would encourage parents to have regular discussions at home regarding careers.

Teachers at Queensbury plan and deliver lessons which link students learning to the world of employment. This is key to raising the aspiration of students and allows them to make a more informed decision about their next steps. In lessons students access a range of labour market information which forms the base for discussion many discussion tasks. 

Year 12 have an opportunity to complete work experience in the summer term and our Year 8’s will complete a day at work with a parent. These opportunities will link with work related learning in the classroom and students will also have the chance to reflect on their experiences.

Mrs McLean - Careers lead - 01582 601421

If you would like any more information on careers or opportunities to support students at the Queensbury Academy please contact Mrs McLean -

Provider Access Policy

Our careers provision is monitored by:

  • John McGroary Senior Vice Principal responsible for careers
  • Link Governor 
  • Termly Meetings with Careers Leader and Head of School
  • Termly Updates to SLT



Year 7 

  • Employers' drop-in day - 5th October   
  • Medical Mavericks – 26th April 

Year 8  

  • Year 8 employer drop in - 14th December 
  • Work Experience - 29th March 
  • Medical Mavericks - 30th March am

Year 9  

  • Employers' drop-in day - 29th March 
  • Medical mavericks March - 30th March pm
  • Girls STEM assembly – 3rd November 

Year 10  

  • Police virtual drop in session - 3rd March
  • Work experience day – 12th July 


Year 11 

  • 6th form assembly -  22nd September 
  • Wadham trip –  28th September 
  • OB Assembly –  29th September 
  • Apprenticeship assembly – 6th October, 11am -12.30pm
  • College Assembly – 13th October 
  • University of Bedfordshire virtual assembly - 1st December 
  • University of Bedfordshire trip - 15th & 16th December 
  • Speed Networking event – 31st March  

Year 12 

  • Wadham trip – 28th September 
  • 4YP Options event - 19th October 
  • Year 12 Employer drop in - 14th December 
  • 6th form next steps evening - 7th February
  • x 2 Visits to University of Bedfordshire - 20th and 21st October 
  • Yr12 Virtual University tour - 8th December
  • Yr 12 University associate Q and A - 9th December
  • x 2 Visits UCL - w/c 28th March  
  • Pembroke / Oxbridge event - March
  • Work experience - w/c 23rd May

Year 13 

  • Employers drop in bespoke event - 20th October