• Citizenship students look at the work of social action and charity groups that show concern for others and aim to improve injustice – e.g. Amnesty International,

  • In Philosophy and Ethics lessons, students study a number of sensitive ethical topics, including animal rights, war and abortion

  • In History Year 10 look at the effects of war, slavery and also persecution

  • In Law, sixth form students look at case studies with regards to domestic violence and euthanasia

  • In Sociology, students learn about Crime and Deviance, the effect this has on society and consider some high profile cases, such as the Moors murders

  • Science allows students to be aware of the moral commitment for scientists to publish their findings and subject their ideas to testing by others as part of decision making processes

  • In Design & Technology a sense of ‘moral conscience’ is developed in students, through focusing upon the moral dilemmas raised in designing and making new products. Students are taught to understand the wider impacts on the environment when designing and making new products and expect them to consider carefully the materials & components they will use when designing and making.

  • In Maths students are able to consider the implications of representing people in purely chart form and what effect this may have

  • Fund raising activities take place throughout the year, led by the students; among others the Academy has supported Comic Relief, Crisis, Remembrance Day, Movember, and the Operation Christmas Shoe Box appeal

  • Group work in all areas helps students to develop collaborative skills and how to solve conflict

  • Assemblies have raised topics such as: eSafety, anti-bullying, anti smoking, local community youth projects and the local youth parliament