Performing Arts


The Btec Level 1 and 2 Diploma offers students a practical exploration of the performing arts with a focus on the discipline of Acting. Over the three-year course students will work with different acting practices, creating performances and gaining a deeper understanding of the performance industry. Assessment over the course is conducted through practical performance and written reflection on practices.  


Year 9  

In the first year of the course students explore three key acting styles comparing and contrasting their practices and methodologies, giving students a solid foundation from which to work in the following years. During this first year the industry of professional theatre is also investigated, discovering different roles in the industry such as Director, Designer and Technician in order for students to understand how different elements of theatre come together to create a final production. An emphasis on collaboration and teamwork is placed on this year’s exploration of the Performing Arts.  


Year 10  

In the second year of the course students begin to refine and develop their newly acquired acting skills. The focus of the year is on developing vocal, physical and interpretive skills for performance culminating in the rehearsal and performance of a chosen text. Reflection on practice and development is constant throughout the year and forms part of the assessment alongside students’ final performances.  


Year 11  

In the final year of the course sees students create an original performance in response to a brief. Many new productions created in modern theatre are done so in response to a brief from funding bodies to communicate ideas about a particular theme or issue. This final year gives students the opportunity to experience this first hand as they create a performance based on a specific brief.