• Philosophy and Ethics, Law, Sociology and Psychology all provide opportunities to look at responsibilities – to each other, the environment and the wider community

  • PE promotes the ethos of ‘team work’ and uses student role models to support both sporting and social excellence

  • Science have a number of topics which involve looking at the area of ‘risk’ - i.e. in the development of vaccines, the use of nuclear power, and transportation safety.

  • English, classes have the opportunity to learn in a variety of settings. Expectations for learning are carefully transferred from classroom, to ICT suite, to Library

  • All students have access to working in a variety of settings and understand that behaviour and language may change according to the environment

  • A willingness to participate in lessons in different ways is promoted by all staff, as is working with others who may not be chosen by students as their ‘preferred working’ partners.

  • The good relationships enjoyed by students with their teachers is commented on by all visitors to the school

  • Opportunities for self and peer assessment help students to be resourceful and resilient

  • Music Concerts and the School Musical are performed to feeder middle schools and open to members of the community

  • Our Community Prefects work to improve both the Academy, our neighbourhood and the wider world community by participating in events to raise money and awareness of those around us