Sixth form (only)

The course studied is OCR Law. Four units are studied, divided equally over the two years, and which are assessed entirely through examination.

At AS the legal system in England and Wales is studied, as well as seeing how law develops over time. The two units studied at AS are the ‘English Legal System’ which looks at both civil and criminal courts and the role played by legal and lay personnel and ‘Sources of Law’ which looks at how laws are created. It is a stimulating and challenging course which equips student with the skills of logic and reasoning, and also gives an understanding of the way in which the law influences our everyday lives.

At A2, we look at criminal law in depth. This will mean looking at a range of different offences including, amongst others, murder, theft, & manslaughter. We will also look at the principles of both criminal liability & the general defences. In addition, students will sit a special study paper, which will focus on one area of criminal law in depth.

Extra Curricular

The Law Department encourages students to visit the local courts and see them in action, as well as running trips to the Supreme Court and Parliament during Y12 to enable our students to meet their MP and see the institutions they learn about in action. We also take part in the Bar Mock Trial, enabling students to present and argue a criminal case in a real courtroom against other schools.