Contact Teaching Staff

If you wish to discuss an issue with a specific department or area you can email them using the emails below.

Please remember that these are teaching staff and they may not be able to reply immediately.

Senior Staff



Mr O Button

Senior Vice Principal (Teaching and Learning)

Mr M Little

Senior Vice Principal (Inclusion)

Mrs R Mason

Vice Principal (Behaviour and Attendance)

Mrs S Roberts

Vice Principal (Sixth Form)

Mr J Tate

Vice Principal (Progress and Data)

Mr J McGroary

Business Manager Mrs K Garrood



Pastoral Staff


Head of Ennis House

Mr G Jones

Head of Hawking House

Mr B Dumpleton

Head of Rowling House Mr D Needham

Head of Sugar House Mr N Brown

SENDCo Mrs S Jones


Teaching Staff - whole school (updated September 2018)

English Department    
Head of English M Hart
English C Harradine
English E Woodward
English G Capp
English K Kelly-Reid
English K Gauci
English R Tate
English P Morris
Maths Department    
Head of Maths A Bird
Maths A Ibrahim
Maths A Carpignani
Maths E Lai
Maths/ 2nd in charge M Cundiff
Maths T Grace
Maths V Quinn
Maths M Cameron
Science Department    
Head of Science S Parker
Science M Anderson
Science N Whitlock
Science N Cheesewright
Science P Holbrook
Science R Kilgallen
Science S McEvoy
Science S Phillips
Science K Finley
Head of Art Z  McCabe Zoe
Art B  Evans Bridget Evans@queensburyacademy.
Art K Owusu
Business Studies     
Head of Business Studies L  Hunton
Business Studies R  Hope
Acting Head of Geography T  Lysak
Geography (agency cover) C Anton
Head of House, Geography N  Brown
Head of History, Government and Politics M  O'rourke
History C  Brooks
History L  Richards
Head of ICT J Searle
ICT R Rayat
ICT R Westman
Media Studies    
Head of Media Studies S  Patel
Modern Foreign Languages    
Head of Modern Languages L Parr
Modern Foreign Languages J Keil
Modern Foreign Languages S Ogunseitan
Head of Music A Jackson
Head of PE M  Gurney
Head of House, PE B  Dumpleton
PE C  Trussler
PE C  Blackie
Head of House, PE D  Needham
Head of House, PE G  Jones
RE & Life Skills    
Head of RE & Life Skills L Ogunbiyi
Head of Technology M Bodsworth
Technology/I T/Photography J Blackie
Technology J Butchart
Technology V Cinato
Technology (agency cover) J Asamoah